Solid Oak " POTTERS HOUSE STYLE " custom pulpit. These heirlooms are custom fitted to the height of each pastor their being built for. They can also be fitted with granite tops for added beauty. Call 225-413-1672 to get us started on yours. NEW FOR 2015- The finish has been upgraded to INDUSTRIAL URATHANE for water glass protection. Prices start at $ 2,750,00 for these high quality Pulpits

Mid South Church Construction, Inc. is a certified Master Installer

The Project took three weeks from start to finish. The main carpeting was J & J industries IMPULSE 2 with a high quality cut pile inlaid in diamonds down the main isle. Absecon Mission Burgandy premium pew fabric was used to reupholster all the cushioning on our steel press. High Gloss lacquer was applied to all wood parts after sanding, sealing and restaining

Apostle Leroy Banks of Open Door Fellowship Church, Zachary, Louisiana has been a loyal customer for over 30 years. We originally performed all the interior work in this church in 1987. Mid South Church Construction, Inc. replaced all of the carpeting, completely renovated the solid wood church pews and provided interlocking choir chairs.

21' heavy duty

solid steel frame

lifetime warranty

premium cushion

underseat rack


extra deep seat

Mt. Olive Baptist Church of Centerville, Miss. purchased solid oak church pews with Golden oak finish, Arches Navy Fabric and Shaw Commercial carpeting to match. The solid oak Pulpit, Pastors chairs, lectern, and interlocking stackable choir chairs in blue basket weave made quite a difference in their sanctuary.‚Äč The pew end is a MID SOUTH " special ", its profile is simply timeless.

Certified Professional Installers

Living Word Church Of Baton Rouge, La. purchased new SHAW commerical carpeting and new church pew upholstery. All pews were unanchored, moved and reanchored to install the new plush carpet. Tahoe " ARCHES" bronze was selected for the seating

      These are actual customer installations, click on any photo to enlarge

Sycamore Baptist Church in Vidalia, La. purchased new Carpeting, and replaced their pews with new 21" interlocking stackable chairs. We transported their existing pews to the church they were donated to.


Please check out the precision craftsmanship of the upholstery and fit. This type of work requires expert knowledge of pew construction. Call 225-413-1672 for an on-site visit to your church. This process is 50 % cheaper that that of brand new church pews. We have a 25' steel upholstery press that enables us to apply 4000 pounds of even pressure to the cushions. This gives our seats a near perfect front edge, with no wrinkling fabric in the future.

Mid South Church Construction, Inc. is a certified Master Installer

Zachary Church Of Christ- Zachary, Louisiana is complete. This project involved painting 6,000 soft of paneling, trim and doors, 500 yards of carpeting replacement, and complete solid oak pew church pew renovation. Taking just three weeks to accomplish, Mid South Church Construction pre-ordered all materials in lieu of the short time allowed for the project. The pews were disassembled and removed to our factory for renovation while the church was painted by our subcontractors. After the painting was complete, our expert flooring installers took care of the J & J IMPULSE II commercial carpet installation. Immediately following the pews parts were delivered and assembled with all parts back in their original position and looking like brand new. We added an " ergonomic" back cushioning design for extra comfort. The worship space looks completely different and the new foam cushioning makes the church pews sit like brand new ones. Customer saved 50% and got new pews!

St. Mary Baptist Church of McComb, Miss. received new solid oak church pews with ARCHES RUBY fabric and golden oak high gloss finish. Over 500 yards of Shaw Commercial carpeting was installed along with a new solid oak enclosed communion table with rollers. This project was performed between Sundays. Thank you for the fellowship Pastor Banks we greatly appreciate the time we spent with you.

Mr. Jim, you are a true servant of the Lord. Thank you so much for being an example to other men. God Bless You ( 8/23/2015 )

 Solid Oak Church Pews and Stackable Chairs

Mid South begins St. Joseph Catholic Church Of Paulina, La. - Project includes restoration of 100 solid cypress hand carved pews with kneelers. We are using High Pressure Sodium Bicarbonate to remove the old finishes without damage to the wood. These pews are fragile and have to stay in our climate controlled facility. The pews will be finished with a vinyl sealer and pre-catalyzed dull rubbed lacquer. The kneelers are being upgraded as well.